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Where to get springs and plungers for brake wheel cylinder?
I am rebuilding the rear wnd of a 1939 Plymouth PT81 Pickup. I started by working op the wheel cylinders. To get the aluminum plungers out I had to drill them out. Now I need to repalce them. Most 'ebay' parts are just the rubber parts. The cylinder part number is 677343 with one bore 1.25" and the other bore 1.125"
I will also need the brass T for the brake lines. Is this a special part?
Any help would be great.
posted: June 11, 2013
  Answers (3)
try KANTER AUTO PRODUCTS 800-5261096
posted:  June 11, 2013
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Be careful with an old wheel cylinder especially ones you had to drill. You may want to replace the whole cylinder if you can not hone it out pretty smooth. An old friend reminded me once when talking about brakes. "Starting is an option, but stopping is not." I never skimp on brakes or tires since both are so important.
posted:  August 5, 2013
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I took your advice and purchased new complete cylinders. A lot has transpired since this post. Replaced the entire rear end including these new wheel cylinders. Rebuilt most, new gaskets bearings and brakes. Lots of slop in the old rear and this one was much better.
After doing all the rework I was about to change the rears and noticed the spring perches were on opposite sides of the rear. Wondered how this could happen since the replacement was supposed to be from a 41 car. In any case I was informed of perches being sold at Tractor Supply for trailers. One set fit perfectly. Out came the welder and the new ones were installed. The wizz wheel and a chisel got rid of the old ones. In it went and it is great.
Also went through a bout with adjusting the steering box. Many many times in and out and after my last four hour attack, I have success. Less than 1" of slop in the wheel and no binding anywhere. I used the Model A Ford instructions since these boxes are the same. so much better to drive without strong arming the wheel even when going straight.
I have a question but will post it separately.
posted:  September 25, 2014
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