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Any info. about a 1979 Pontiac pickup?
There was a guy at a car show that had a 1979 Pontiac pickup that GM built that took a El Cameo & put Pontiac parts on it? Was told only 2 had been built?
posted: July 20, 2009
  Answers (5)
Interesting. I heard of the Pontiac G8 sport truck -- El Camino style -- that was going to be produced but not anymore since Pontiac is being discontinued, but nothing from the late 70's. You caught my interest - I'll have to look into this more.

Did you happen to take any pictures of the truck at the car show you can share with us?
posted:  July 21, 2009
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No I was without a camera & noone has much info. for me. In Davision,MI there will be a great big car sahow celebrating "The City of Flagdss" this weekend. I will be going to it Friday aftrenoon & will be on the lookout for it & will take pics & post them. Howard
posted:  July 21, 2009
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I stand corrected as fare as pic of 1979 Pontiac pickup. Here is the link to a 1959 Pontiac Catalina that GM made & a PIC of the 1979 Pontiac Pickup. It was a Chevy el Camero that they replace with can-am body parts. Here is the link.

http://news.pickuptrucks.com/2009/04/pontiac-played-with-pickups-never-delivered.html This is the truck that was at the car show in Clarkston last week end!
posted:  July 21, 2009
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Geez thats odd--A friend of mine went to the Woodward ave Cruise and he saw one at one of the car shows on the strip. He asked me if I knew anything about them of which I replied no. It just seems odd that the same question would pop up within a weeks time. The way he described the car to me it looked like a Chevy El Camino with a Pontiac front clip. Wow feels like I'm the Twilight Zone.
posted:  August 25, 2009
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When ever I find a car book, I buy it. My wife calls my 1800 sq. ft. garage, my library. This what I found in a book that was sent to all the dealer principals in 1992 by Pontiac Motor Division.

Pontiac had been involved in trucks and commercial vehicles for over 50 years with a partnership with GMC Trucks. This partnership started in 1926, ending in 1975. I will quote a paragraph from "Pontiac! They Build Excitement, The Story of an American Automobile Company, 1926 to 1992" by Thomas E Bonsall. Mr. Bonsall is a noted Pontiac historian.

"One tantalizing footnote to the story was Pontiac's attempt to get a piece of the Chevrolet El Camino program. A Pontiac prototype of the 1959 El Camino was built, but never put into production. Another attempt to get into this market occurred in the late-1970's. In that instance, Pontiac and GMC was in cahoots. GMC , selling a badge-engineered Spirt version of the El Camino since 1971, something more distinctive; Pontiac just wanted to get in the game. The idea the two divisions developed was to build related versions of the El Camino using Pontiac trim components. The GMC version would use LeMans trim, while Pontiac would use a fancy Grand-Am based pick-up. Reportedly Fisher Body would have had to supply the bodies, scotched the scheme, but Chevy cannot be too happy about it, either. The 1978 Pontiac prototype survives at the division, abeit with a 1980 front end, and has recently been restored"
sources: found in the fore mentioned book on page 139, column 3, paragraph 4
posted:  September 14, 2009
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