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Was there such a thing as a "69 1/2 or early 70" mustang?
I've had 2 1969 fastback mustang's over the last 30 years,and I've got the itch for another. I watch ebay and a few other sites waiting for the right car and deal,and I've seen 2 cars that are very different if you know anything about 69's.One of them was listed as a 70 but it had what I allways considered 69 quarters and had the 70 fenders and hood.The next car is listed as a 69,it is the same on the quarters and front end. I've allways looked for the marker light to be hunder the bumber line vertically and these are the 70 lights above the bumber line horizontally.Can anyone clear the up? Are these basket cars? Thanks for your time,,,,,Charlie Mattingly,Louisville,Ky.
posted: September 13, 2008
  Answers (3)
Im not a '69 -'70 expert, but to the best of my knowledge I have never heard of a 69 1/2 - I think they might have been basket cars.
posted:  September 13, 2008
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have restored alot of 65 to mid 80s mustangs there is no such thing as a 69 and a half for was very good at using up what is available in production line when 2 model years were basically same there were differences in side markers and trim between early production 69 and later as well as 69 to 70 , this has made judging at show very tricky when it comes to originality, these changes are attributed to what was still in the system as well as to which plant the car was assembled in and even what part of the country it was ordered in. for specifics i would purchase a book on your year your looking for and verify Vin number of any vehicle your looking to purchase i have looked at a lot of bogus cj and shelbys as well as so called special model mustang . in the end unless you just have to have a certain car it all up to what you like and can afford
posted:  October 15, 2008
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While the front grill and fenders are distinct differences between 69 and 70, they are easily changed. I look behind the door handle for the side scoop that is 1969 only. That is not as easily changed.

posted:  May 26, 2011
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