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Just learning to work on cars and starting on a '66 Ford Galaxie 500
Hey, learning to work on cars and prolly will have a ton of questions =) Looking for a community/ online club where I can search and ask questions and pics. Any advice on where I can look or join would be great. Also, starting with the carburetor right now. It's missing the flap in the choke and not sure what they're called to look them up on computer. (choke plate/ choke shield?) Well thanks for any help, and I'll talk to you all later.
Peace and God Bless,
posted: February 7, 2011
  Answers (3)
try choke butterfly. old ride seems to have good input from what I see.
posted:  February 8, 2011
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Thanks!! I will look it up!!
posted:  February 9, 2011
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If you're willing to do your own research, just going to somewhere like eBay and looking for parts for your vehicle including interchangable parts can be extremely valuable to you, with pictures as well as descriptions. I can't tell you how much knowledge I have gained over the last two or three years just by looking up parts, primarily on eBay. Keep your first searches with more general keywords in the beginning, then make the keywords more specific as needed, to pare down your universe of parts for your car. You will probably find eBay to be one of your best sources for parts and acquired knowledge, ESPECIALLY if you get to know prices, and are a "casual" shopper, and willing to hold out for good prices. Also, the website http://www.car-part.com is a parts listing storehouse of junkyard parts from all over the country, categorized by year/make/model, etc.

ALSO, search engines like Yahoo give you the option to search for IMAGES... just go to yahoo.com, and click on the "images" word above where you will enter the search keywords, and find numerous pictures of so there is even more opportunity, because these are searches on the entire Internet. A lot of car people were kind enough to take pictures of procedures that may benefit you, and post them on the Internet, so a lot of times, your best friend for questions is a search engine. Try clicking this link, http://images.search.yahoo.com/search/images;_ylt=A0PDoX7EZjdOQDQAvoOLuLkF?p=1966+galaxie+500&ei=utf-8&iscqry=&fr=sfp which just brought up 11,800 pictures for me that had the words "1966 Galaxie 500" somewhere on their page. G O O D L U C K . . . .
posted:  August 1, 2011
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