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Random Restore Questions?
I have a few questions about things I want to replace on my 71 Chevy Cheyenne. I know I can find most parts at LMC, but some things I wonder if they offer and if anyone knows. It still has the original steering wheel in it and its cracked and I want to put in a new one, but I want it to be like an aftermarket original. I don't know if they make the original skinny steering wheels. In all the restores I've seen its been the newer style steering wheels. I also wondered with the benchseats. I know they were usually all leather, but did they match the color of the truck or were they just all black? Mine is a newer plush-like seat. I hope someone might have put some of these in their truck! thanks
posted: January 31, 2010
  Answers (3)
http://www.garyssteeringwheel.com This guy will repair yopur steering wheel
http://www.qualityrestorations.com This guy will recast it to original if it can't be repaired

I am not sure about your bench seat question but these guys fix wheels Had my Impala done and it was flawless.
Cheers bud
posted:  February 1, 2010
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Wheels can be repaired but it is expensive! Look for a good wheel at swap meets or on ebay. A friend of mine had a wheel restored by an outfit in California and it ended up costing him close to $1,300.
posted:  February 1, 2010
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POR-15 has a steering wheel resto kit for $69.95. if you want to try to save some money, it includes everything you should need except for correct color enamel paint. Their phone # is 1-800-457-6715, the name of the company is Restomotive Labritories, out of Morristown , NJ. I have heard nothing but good from magazines about all of their products, though I have not used any of them yet, but I intend to.

Hope this helps.
posted:  February 11, 2010
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