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Have a 63 SS 327/powerglide in very good shape overall. Began to notice shimmy in car starting out from stop some time ago. Inspected and rebuild powerglide which did need it; but car still has same shimmy when starting out. Everything from rear wheels to transmission is new or rebuild. Engine seems fine, no smoke runs good. Suspect flywheel problem??? Car runs like new past 15mph. Any ideas or advice appreciated.
posted: October 12, 2011
  Answers (3)
have you checked the bearing and mount in center of driveshaft,if rubber is bad it can cause vibration.to check flywheel for cracks remove converter bolts push it back toward trans tap flywheel with wrench or hammer if good should ring like bell . if it sounds tinney it is probably cracked.also a bad ujoint will cause vib ,chech for binding at caps.
posted:  October 12, 2011
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Hey Cooter

I am of the same opinion as " retired parts man " Drive line problem !.

I have owned two 1963 chevrolets over the years. Two piece driveshaft vehicles with X Frame can be a problem if the driveline angle is not correct after replacing hanger and bearing. Is the noise a Shimmy or a Crunch.

Have you replaced the hanger bearing ( Hanger and bearing ).

If so, was the driveline angle checked after doing so. There are six different points ( angles ) ; from motor angle to pinion gear angle. Somtimes shims were put between the frame and hanger to line up driveline. Do you know if there were some. If so, they should be put back in.

You indicate that the noise happens , when you first throttle up heavy , then it goes away. What happens is the back end of vehicle goes down , and if driveline angle is not correct , the driveshaft hits / rubs on the the edge of the tunnel, where it goes through the X Frame . Same thing will happen, if you have passengers in the back seat,
and you go over a bump it will do the same noise.

I am going to send you pics. of the process.

I have , what I call , the " SS409 Bible ", with everything one should know about 1963 Chevrolet Impala Super Sport 409 , that I put together from my shop manuals.

If you are not aware of this driveline process, I can copy the pages and send them to you.

I am very aware of this problem, as many of my friends had these vehicle, with the similar problem you are having and correcting the driveline angle cured it.

I owned a 1963 Chevrolet Impala 2DR Hardtop , 283 car, in 1965. I use to go to the dragstrip and " drool badly "
over the 409 cars. saying to myself : Someday I'll have one of those. In 2004 I did buy a 1963 Impala SS 409/340 HP, matching numbers car, and did a complete frame off resto. & quickly learned everything , bumper to bumper about the beast as I did most of the work myself. It was taken apart ,bolt to bolt.

Good Luck Get bac
sources: My Shop Manual is : Motor's Auto Repair Manual 1965 28th edition

Covers most North America Vehicles 1958 to 1965.

Let me know if you need instruction pages on Driveline Angles, and I will emai
posted:  October 17, 2011
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Don't overlook motor mounts,they have been the cause for a many vibration.

The other guys are on the right track as well with what they posted.
posted:  October 31, 2011
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