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Anyone know how to identify bucket seats.
32 years ago I put a set of high back bucket seats in my 1972 Nova BUT for the life of me I cannot recollect where they came from or what they are out of. The design is not unlike a GM style.

The front of the seats have a little square chrome decoration near the seat bottom. The rear of the seats - the seat backs have ash trays in them and the seat backs wrap around the lower sides of the seat bottom. The seats have a restraining strap that runs between the seat top and seat bottom in the back and this strap can be made to lock the seat upright. I asked my best friend who was there when I installed them but he, like me, cannot remember where we laid our hands on them. They definately are not Nova bucket seats nor Camaro or Firebird. Any idea's out there ?? They need to be redone but without knowing where they came from it maybe impossible to do.

posted: February 12, 2009
  Answers (3)
Would you be able to post a picture of these seats? That might help identifying them a little easier.
posted:  February 13, 2009
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I truly wish I could but right now my digital camera is none operational.
posted:  February 13, 2009
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If just recovering them is what needs to be done, I don't see a problem as the upholster person can compare fabric and make a pattern from what IS there. He can even redesign a custom seat cover to fit your taste. I had a 55 Chev redone with bowtie emblems on the back rest, and there wasnot much left of the seats to start with.
sources: Ponchos Upholstering Stone Ave and Glenn St.
BUT get it in writing what he is to do AND the cost, sometimes he wants to slip in a new cost factor ("That didn't include this piece") afterward,
posted:  February 17, 2009
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