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15 years ago in CHEVROLET
Hello everyone this is my first classic street rod build .im wondering can anyone jump in and shed some light on this ongoing project . (1)first where can i i find a pass side hood hinge. (2) Next are there any hp restrictions with this chassis (stock) ive been told this is a "x" frame can anyone confirm this
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14 years ago
Reproduction hood hinges are also available through Late Great Chevys, Hubbard's Impala Parts, Harmons, etc. Good luck.
14 years ago
Chevy had a "x" type frame on all there full size models from 1958 to 1964. They were equipped with a two piece drive shaft and center mount carriage bearing. Some of the years were equipped with the high performance 409 cu. in. engine so therefore the horse power factor should not be be a concern. About the hood hinges I believe the hinges on 1960 on up to 1964 are all the same and a lot of times are on e-bay for sale under Chevrolet parts for sale
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