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1964 chevy bel air v6 4 door
Hello everyone this is my first classic street rod build .im wondering can anyone jump in and shed some light on this ongoing project .

(1)first where can i i find a pass side hood hinge.
(2) Next are there any hp restrictions with this chassis (stock) ive been told this is a "x" frame can anyone confirm this
posted: September 18, 2008
  Answers (9)
Do you have a 6 cylinder or 8 cylinder engine in the car? 64's never came stock with a V6. A hood hinge should be easy to find, any classic wrecking yard should have something or know what years interchange. The X frame issue, I am not 100% certain, I am more early Pontiac, which I know did not have the X style frame. You shouldnt have any problems with dropping in plenty of HP's, your rear axles would likely go before your frame would.
posted:  September 18, 2008
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It is a inline 6 cyl automatic on the tree...ill get the vin code today maybe this should help id this car the cars orignal form i purchased the car for 1800.00 and was told it was all orignal 230cid 3.8 L
posted:  September 19, 2008
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how close is the bel air and the impalla ss will parts interchange?
posted:  September 19, 2008
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Congrats on your purchase! To answer the quick question, yes parts from an Impala will work on your Bel Air. Now, the Bel Air is a "lesser" offering from Chev in the trim dept. Impalas were the only cars to get the 3 taillights per side. All other cars, received 2 per side. Also pay attention to what 4 door you have. Sedan (pillar in between doors) or hardtop ( no pillar). Mechanically, Impala and lesser Chevs all interchange. FWI, SS Impalas were all 2 door hardtops or Converts. Hope this helps. Mark
posted:  September 19, 2008
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Ok heres the vin number 41569T296084 valve cover has a sticker that i cant make it all out but turbo and 140hp i see found this number on the block also 8860817 also gm20 was there not sure what this might mean ok let the answers roll in lol was 1800 a good buy?
posted:  September 19, 2008
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from what i have gathered the 4 confirms the year 1964 and the 15 is the engine is confirmed as a 6 cyl the 69 is the model.....
posted:  September 19, 2008
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the T means that it was built in the Tarrytown, New York Plant and the remaining numbers are its production sequence number
posted:  September 22, 2008
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Chevy had a "x" type frame on all there full size models from 1958 to 1964. They were equipped with a two piece drive shaft and center mount carriage bearing. Some of the years were equipped with the high performance 409 cu. in. engine so therefore the horse power factor should not be be a concern. About the hood hinges I believe the hinges on 1960 on up to 1964 are all the same and a lot of times are on e-bay for sale under Chevrolet parts for sale
posted:  October 26, 2008
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Reproduction hood hinges are also available through Late Great Chevys, Hubbard's Impala Parts, Harmons, etc. Good luck.
posted:  January 17, 2009
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