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12 years ago in PACKARD
My family has an original model #2653 in our garage. I know only 25 of this vehicle were ever made. Debating whether or not to restore it. It was on the road in 1980's in perfect condition, but now has been sitting for 20 years and needs a lot of work. I have all the original paperwork for the vehicle including invoice, certificate of title, owners manual. I am actually related to the Packard's so this was a special order vehicle for my grandparents. I also have original letters from Turnquest to document this. Does anyone know the desire level for this car? I just wonder if I put the money into this vehicle, what I would be able to sell it for? Any help, suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I attached a picture of vehicle from 1982 when it was being used regularly.
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12 years ago
If your only intention is to restore and sell might as well offer it to the Packard Clubs for sale and save alot of work for yourself..If it as rare as you say they might prefer to get it the way it is now..and let the Packard lovers do it right...Just my thoughts..Right or Wrong
12 years ago
Here are some current pics of car today to give you an idea about the amount of restoration that is needed.