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Looking for Information about a 1974 Plymouth Road Runner
Good Morning from Montana,

I am doing this groundwork for my boyfriend who does not want to even be taught how to turn on the computer.

He owns a 1974 Plymouth Road Runner. The VIN # is RM21P4G289949. The manufacture date is 7/1974. The door sticker is MDH07156. There is also a sticker on the lower right with the numbers 3759156. The last number may or may not be relevant. He also has the original build sheet. The car was delivered to Mile City, Montana in November of 1974.

I am hoping you can help him answer a question. Where do these numbers fit with the last Big Block 4 speed transmission car that was sent out from the Belvidere platform?

This car is a beauty. It is bright yellow with black stripes and black interior. It has bench seats and is immaculate.

Any information you could pass on about this car would be wonderful.

He is wanting to figure out what the value of it is.

Thanking you in advance for your time.
posted: March 4, 2009
  Answers (4)
A good start to finding information about your boyfriends car is Galen Govier. He specializes in 1962-1974 Dodge, Plymouth & Chrysler products. Plus he would probably benefit from the build sheet to add to his collection.

posted:  March 4, 2009
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VIN Decoding

R - Model - Satellite/Sebring Group
M - Price Class - Medium
21 - Body Style - Road Runner
P - Engine - 400 cid / 250 hp High Performance V8
4 - Model Year - 1974
G - Assembly Plant - St. Louis, MO.
289949 - production sequence number starting at 100001 for each factory
posted:  March 4, 2009
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I forgot to add that there were 11,555 2-dr coupe Road Runners produced in 1974
posted:  March 4, 2009
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There are a couple of online pricing guides that can give you a rough estimate of how much the vehicle is worth.
posted:  March 4, 2009
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