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I just purchased my first project car and I'm curious as to why I have Rusty Spark Plugs
I’m sure it is most likely caused from the car sitting however their is no noticeable rust on the car. Should I be worried that this could be something more serious? Would anyone be able to tell me and/or try and figure out what this could be?
posted: June 10, 2008
  Answers (3)
I would think it would be caused by condensation
from sitting.
posted:  June 11, 2008
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The plugs were probably cleaned off when operating before the engine was last ran. The humidity/condensation will rust clean parts rather quickly. You can check the compression before plug replacement both dry & with a couple of squirts of auto trans fluid in each cylinder to check for stuck rings. A low dry reading & a significantly higher wet reading indicates a poor seal on the rings. A plus of using auto trans fluid is it will help with upper lube right away when engine is started. Good Luck!!
posted:  August 23, 2008
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Normal plug rust ... if you really want the car "perfect" with no rust showing at all... you can get Marine grade spark plugs made of Stainless Steel... same part number but with an M added... most common plugs. Use anti sease on the plug threads if you use SS plugs.

PS . ignore it... there will be plenty of other things to fret over if you own a collector car for long..
PS . Get you "collector" car - insured at a company like Haggerty or Grundy or Sneed... cheaper and better in the long run if you need repairs .. regular car insurance normally is not good for a collector type car... read the fine print... they put restrictions and limits on regular insurance.
posted:  September 2, 2008
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