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Is restoring a 1968 Ford Galaxie 500 worth it?
So my dad has a bunch if these old cars in the yard, all 60s vintage. Most are in pretty bad shape since they've been sitting there longer than I've been around. He has a Volkswagen, a '65 and a '63 Dodge Dart, a Dodge panel van, a Chevy, and the Ford Galaxie. The ford is probably in the best condition of all of them. I was wondering if it is a good car to restore and eventually drive. You see, I've been looking for a car of my own, and I like the idea of having a classic car; fun to restore and cool to drive. I was originally thinking the '65 Dart but there's almost nothing left of it, plus you could start a garden on the hood with the amount decomposing material on it. So what's your opinion on it. Should I restore the car? Is is a good quality car to begin with, because I've done research and haven't found much.

Note: the photo is what my dad says is the closest to what the car looked like when he first bought it.
posted: June 20, 2013
  Answers (3)
a few pictures of now to show condition would help .if car has been sitting along time it will need all brake parts replaced . .will the engine run . and how much are you willing to spend .sit in car and decide how long and far you would drive it when done.
posted:  June 20, 2013
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First answer; no. there are exceptions, but '68's are not money cars, especially 4 doors, unless it's a hardtop with a 390 in it. They ARE nice driving, dependable cars however. You want a '68 500 XL, 2 door with the 390, or the 68 - 69 Torino Fastback 390 or larger. Any 4-speed.
On the other hand, if you don't have money, you need to start somewhere, your car don't look that bad as a starter, then you can trade up when it's finished maybe. Good Luck, MoparDon
sources: Worked at Ford in '68 & 69. Owned '67 Fairlane 500XL conv. an '63 Galaxie 500 XL 390, 2 door HDTP, 65 Galaxie 500 XL w/ 352?
posted:  September 4, 2013
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My 2 cents... It is a four door hardtop (no center post), which, under most circumstances, makes it worth more on the average than a four door sedan (with center post). If you are frugal with a restoration, it can be a nice driver. If it has "matching numbers", meaning original engine block, interios match, etc., than that adds icing to the cake. I own a 57 chevy four door sedan (with center post) that my father bought brand new. In the 1970's and 1980's they were "donor cars" for 2 door coupes, meaning that people restoring coupes used them as parts cars, cannibalized them, and threw the skeleton to a junkyard. Today, hardly anyone can afford a two door cooupe 57 chevy, so there is more interest in ANY 57 chevy. What has happened is that in the last 10 or so years, there has been a greater % gain in the price of the less desirable models, because the 2 door coupes have maxxed out for the average Joe, so buyers will settle for a 4 door, and the prices have risen a greater % because of it. Pick up an Old Cars Price Guide at a good magazine stand, and look at the going restored price of the car in mint condition (Grade 5 in their book). Budget a restoration in accordance with what you could get for it, it sounds like a real good restoration project, after all, dad will probably give you the car for free, so you just walked into your first good deal. DON't spend $30,000 to restore something that will reap $20,000 in the end. There are already too many "sacrifices" on the market. Good Luck
sources: http://www.oldcarsweekly.com/oldcarspriceguide
posted:  November 20, 2014
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