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We have inherited a field of 26 classic vehicles ranging from 40ish Cadillacs to 60ish Chevs- help!!
Any suggestions as to how to dispose of them - what they are worth - photos are available. Any and all help is welcomed.
posted: May 24, 2008
  Answers (11)
Photos will help! I wish I had your problem! If you are not concerned too much about top dollar value, you might try ebay. A list of cars with pictures here and I'll bet you get a bunch of advice! Where are you located?
posted:  May 24, 2008
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Any 61-62 Pontiac's?

If the cars are runner drivers, consider selling them online or locally. All old cars are worth money, some more than others of course. You would probebly do best parting them out if they are past the point of restoration, of course that would take alot of time.
posted:  May 24, 2008
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It all depends on what you have and the condition of them. Try and make a list and include some photos. What state are they in. All this will help aid you with your question.
posted:  May 24, 2008
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Look on old car guides and look at the cars. Sometimes motors and parts are worth more than a car is.A junk yard is going to take them but they will sell parts for big $
sources: www.oldcarguide.com www.hemming.com
posted:  May 27, 2008
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I have a 1963 F 100 shortbed pick up.. got an parts truck? NO title needed?
posted:  June 20, 2008
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Where are you located? I'd be interested.
posted:  July 30, 2008
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If you have any pictures i'd be interested.
posted:  August 6, 2008
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FIRST-- DON"T CRUSH UM!!! Even partial cars are worth more than a crusher will pay - even at today's steel prices.

Selling will not be a problem - running or not running if you have some time . That's life. Go to a local car show - start talking to people and stand back. Have a cheap business card made up with your name the title 1940s - 1960s cars for sale and contact info. This will get the word out fast. In no time you should have more buyers than you have cars. Prices vary with cars and conditions so check out Hemmings Motor News, Talk to low rider car people - Talk to custom car people - Talk to street rod car people. They are always looking and they are not as particular about the cars "complete" condition as they are more likely install later model drive trains. Most car people want a deal but "most" will make you a fair offer or tell you a fair price. It won't take long.
posted:  September 2, 2008
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Just curious - where is this field of dreams? ( in general)
posted:  September 2, 2008
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I think you already have a good start selling them to people that can use them. Everybody's right value depends on condition and particular details. Just a list of year, make, and number of doors would help. If you want to start selling them let us know where they are and get ready for a lot of visitors.

posted:  December 23, 2008
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Just be careful and try to keep your head about you. Their are a lot of people that will try and take advantage of your short comings with this. Rely on your conscience and do not tell where these are. You will be over whelmed with people. Find some one you can trust not to tell, and go from there.
posted:  January 3, 2018
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