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restoration question?
Hello everyone, im new to oldride.com but i was just wondering if i could get some feedback from everyone. i was just wondering if i were to buy an old rusty ride and i did all the sheet metal work to it and just primed it when the car or truck was complete, do you think people would buy them? iI love old cars but dont have any of my own which some day i will have one but i would like a hobby and maybe make a little money on the side. All i would do is the fix the frame, floor and fenders and whatever other sheet metal needs to be fixed. So would people buy these vehicles or would they rather build it themselves? I wouldnt do any chopping, shaving etc to them but would also like to know how much someone would pay for a vehicle like this? i know different vehicles would make more money than others but i was just wondering. Thanks everyone and hope to here all your responses
posted: September 1, 2012
  Answers (1)
I would suggest too you, if your not experenced in auto body repair, don't expect to sell them. But if you want to do one as a hobby for your self, and do a good job on it someonje might buy it. its a coin toss. It could turn into some thing. But you have to be bussinesss minded, look the car over what would it cost to fix it, got to get it at a resenable price, man hour's into the repair work. alot of factors weigh in.
posted:  September 1, 2012
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