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did all 1969 Z-28 camaros have independent suspension and 4 wheel disc bakes?
I have seen a number of 69 \"Z-28\" and have questioned the authenticity of the car. I had been told before that this was one of the ways to tell a TRUE Z-28. Is there another way other than the VIN #?
posted: October 24, 2008
  Answers (2)
All Camaros have a "live axle" rearend. Meaning, it does not have independant rear suspension. The 4 wheel discs where part of the "JL8" option. Not everybody checked that particular box.
posted:  October 25, 2008
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I bought my old '69 Z-28 in 1980 used (sold it for $4500.00 in 1999 and have regretted it ever since). As I was looking I did see some 4 wheel disc brake cars but even then they were bringing a higher price then because it was an extra cost option (JL-8) on the standard Z/28 package. People like me that were fascinated with drag racing saw power disc front and drum rear as more than enough, we were used to stopping '55 chevys with factory manual drums all the way around from 120 MPH so front disc brakes with power assist was like a dream to us and 4-wheel disc brakes were just plain weird. I can assure you it was the standard Z/28 equipment in '69 to have drums in back and disc in front. I'm no expert but I know you should see a 12 bolt differential, an aluminum case 4-speed muncie trans, multi-leaf rear springs, and front disc brakes if it's a Z/28. If you are lucky enough to find one with the original big journal 302 engine, the last two letters on the block in front of the right cylinder head will be DZ. If you you are on a budget a real decodable numbers matching '69 Z/28 is cost prohibitive anyway, so I say if it don't have all the tags on the firewall, dash, transmission and differential, you'd just as well spend your money on a fake (clone). A real Z/28 worth the super high prices people are asking these days will be easily decodable front to back, a 6 cylinder 3-speed '69 camaro with the appropriate modifications will be the same or better than a real Z/28 as far as driving and looks goes and a bunch cheaper. In my opinion, the bottom line is it's either easy to prove it's a real '69 Z/28 or there will always be questions about it. This is just a bunch of talk from a guy who was only 8 years old in '69, hope it is some help.

posted:  December 9, 2008
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