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Besides searching the trucks for sale, how else would I estimate a good price to sell my 1953 truck?
I am selling my dad's '53 Chevy pickup. He was a truck club member and it was in showcar condition, but has been idle for about 3 years. It needs some work under the hood, and some work on the wood-bed. It's not a huge project, but it does need some work... how much? Not sure.... which is why I'm not sure how much I should sell it for. How could I find out what a good estimate is. Some people (who I would consider unknowledgable) say that $9000 is too much, but I've searched trucks in similar or worse (project car) condition selling for more. I'm new to this, and because it's a classic, it makes it that much more difficult. How do I go about getting a good idea of how much to sell it for? I'll probably repost the question once I get photos posted so U can get a better idea...
posted: July 21, 2008
  Answers (5)
Check out the following online price guides, keep in mind NADA always seems a little high.

- Collector Car Market: www.collectorcarmarket.com
- Manheim Gold: www.manheimgold.com
- NADA: www.nada.com
posted:  July 21, 2008
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As pontiacsd suggested check out the price guides. It also helps to know what model of truck, 1500, 3500 farm truck flatbead?

Its hard to say without pictures, and the moderator will probebly remove the post if you upload some since it would appear you are trying to sell it on this forum.
posted:  July 21, 2008
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The easy way is with a copy of the Old Cars Price Guide. In some states(Vermont) this it what is used by the Dept of Motor Vehicles to find the value when you register it. The values are broken down into 6 levels of condition.

For 1/2 ton PU, Condition #6 is $1,240 for #1 condition is $$31,000.

You might be in a #3 @$13,950, or more likely based on your description a #4 @ $6,200

Book stores or drug stors or convienient stores carry this book. The book will tell you how to get the correct "ball park" for the condition of your vehicle
sources: Old Cars Price Guide
posted:  August 3, 2008
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I suggest going on auction websites and look at past auction results. You could start with Barrett-Jackson, Kruse and G. Potter King. This way you can see what they are actually bringing...
posted:  August 22, 2008
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wat my family does ask ur mechanic it may seem old fashioned but a good mechanic is a geniusmy dad got a complicated estimate(he was just wondering) of a 1969 lemons with new transmission,headers,hood,top,and a 455 block engine as a pose to the original 350 u wont regret asking
posted:  August 31, 2008
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