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Why is my '59 Plymouth idling roughly and stalling after installing a rebuilt carburetor
I'm restoring a 1959 Plymouth. Recently installed a rebuilt carburetor (strom, 2 barrel). Worked fine the first day -- smoother and quicker pickup. Next morning car started fine but within 15 or so seconds the engine started to idle very rough (actually, felt like it was rocking) and billowed light colored smoke from tail pipe and engine breather tube (please note that engine, 318, was rebuilt a year ago and until this morning, has not smoked, does not burn oil). Smoke did not have a pronounced smell. When I checked the engine, gas all over the carburetor and spots of gas as far as 3 to 4 inches from the carburetor. I wiped gas off carb and engine, waited about 5 minutes, once again started the car, and immediately it idled very roughly, smoked, and stalled. Checked carb again, and again gas. I don't want to try starting it again until I have some idea about what the problem is. Are these symptoms of the engine getting too much gas, or of something more severe?

Just did manual check. Looking into carb and moving throttle, see gas shooting out of only one of the two barrels? Normal?

Any help will be greatly appreciated.
posted: June 12, 2010
  Answers (2)
Actually sounds like the float is sticking open. Tap lightly on the fuel bowl and try starting again. If possible, have somebody watching the carb as you start it to determine where the gas is coming from.
posted:  June 13, 2010
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What youve done is pull junk ether from the lines or the tank when you put a fresh carb on allways check your fuel lines befor starting Do you have a new fillter in line before the carb, tapping on the carb may free some of the stuff hanging your float .but you may have to clean the tank and lines and flush out your new carb to cure your problem. must have been a reason you changed carb in the first place.maybe some dirt in the carb?"OLDSCHOOL"
posted:  October 13, 2010
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