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I believe I have an old/rare grand Prix
A good friebd and I are traveling to his home town,near Chicago,where he has stored(since 1988) a 63' Grand Prix. He tells me that he ordered it new from the factory back in 1963,aluminum frond end,4 speed,dual quad set up and all,I believe he said the engine was the 421 HO with the Nascar heads,from what I can tell this was one of the rare ones? only 3-4 made?..my question is how can I be sure, engine codes? vin number?..thank you all very much for any and all answers
posted: November 30, 2008
  Answers (5)
Even if the car itself is not an SD car, an aluminum front end is worth allot of money! The only true way to find out about the cars history and origins is by its vin number. If you have this, let me know and I can run a check. Also, the cars vin number should match the motors stamping as well. This is located on the passenger side engine block, below the head. I dont think any GP Super Duty's were released from the factory with Aluminum noses, however, I have seen some strange things in my day. Send me the VIN and engine code...
posted:  November 30, 2008
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You may also want to check : www. PontiacHistoricalService.com
posted:  December 1, 2008
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Only 3 Grand Prix SD's were produced. You should be able to match the cars vin number to the engine and as suggested send the vin to PHS for documentation and validation. Its entirely possible, looking at my book it shows that two SD GP's were delivered to the ZONE 10 area (dealerships in IL).

Would be a great find if it is, keep us posted or post some photos of it!
posted:  December 2, 2008
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"Super Duty 421" vehicles built in 63:
13 Catalina and Grand Prix with 4 bbl
59 Cats and GP with 2 Four bbls: 4 unspecfied models(believed to be Cats with Alum front ends) with duel 4 barrel induction: and 11 Tempests with the duel quad engine
sources: Std Catalog of American Cars 1946-1975
posted:  February 17, 2009
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If it's legit you have found the Holy Grail! At least one of the cups at the supper. My dad is the expert on this stuff, we talked about how unusual those factory race cars were. There were probably only a handful made. Enough to meet the sanctioning bodies requirements. Aluminum front end = RARE !! Remember these were the days when the "Wide Tracks" were very competitve in NASCAR and NHRA. The factrory piped parts and special cars to race teams. I wouldn't be suprised if this car was one of these. There is a website that has all the Pontiac info you could ever need. I have seen it in this section, but don't remember the address. All I can say is WOW
posted:  March 3, 2009
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