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help on a project car?
I am looking for a project car that I can work on. I am 15 and am starting to drive and everything. but I want a car that I needs love, I really don't care that much what it is, as long as I am in love. this would be a car that I would work on and maintain until I am old enough to drive it full time ( insurance) this would be a car I keep for a long time because it's my baby. so much love and time will be put into this I can't even tell you. so please let me know if you can help. I would like to keep cost low if possible.
posted: August 1, 2013
  Answers (3)
How about a 68 Mustang in FL all body work down and in primer I-6 motor 3 speed all glass good orig V8 take the I6 out .. call Guy in webster fl 352 793 2791 offer him cash
posted:  August 2, 2013
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do you know how much he wants? my parents are neglected to call without knowing what it
's priced.
posted:  August 2, 2013
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Old pickup restoration is picking up in recent years (like 1960's models Chevy, Ford GMC, etc.), and they still can be had for not too bad of a price. I have a driver 57 chevy 4 door sedan that I restored while driving as a transportation car to hi school & college. It's a lot of fun to be able to something, while at the same time, restoring it. go to http://images.yahoo.com, and search for pictures of 1966 chevrolet truck, 1967 chevrolet truck, etc., and see how nice they look restored. Parts are very easy to obtain, I am using mid-60's models trucks as a model to restore the drivetrain of my 57 chevy car. Chevrolet parts are still in abundance, and you could restore a truck pretty reasonably, and have something very nice in the end. Good Luck!
posted:  August 15, 2013
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