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Approx. value of 1969 3/4 ton International pickup--
I have a 1969 International pickup. We are the original owner. Has never been mistreated, nor in an accident. Has actual mileage of 09938.l This is because after we bought it my husband went overseas and it just sat in Boise and then put on a trailer to Libby, Mt. and is parked in a garage. My husband did remove both of the gas tanks and had them cleaned but never put back on due to his ill health and age. The seat needs recovering. No mouse nested in it. The bed is 8 1/2 ft with a large bumper with trailer hitch on it.
My husband is 88 yrs. old and in the veterans home. I need to sell it and I'd like to know (if possible) what this truck is worth.
posted: February 5, 2014
  Answers (2)
If it is an original 1300D pick up with a 9ft box it would be worth 7000.00. If it is that truck a picture would be great help. I personally think it is a rare truck just not a sought after truck.
posted:  February 11, 2014
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The old adage "its worth what someone is willing to pay for it" applies to nearly anything someone wants to sell. International pickups are not typically high priced vehicles. That's not to say they don't have a following or desirability. I would contact a site without a specific focus on these trucks for the most accurate valuation help. Here is a site that may be of help to you www.binderplanet.com "Binder" refers to "cornbinder", a common reference to International vehicles and equipment. You can also search ebay for similar trucks and even see what those trucks have actually sold for (completed listings). Keep in mind when looking in a newspaper, craiglist , ebay or another advertising source, folks can ask what they want, but what you want to know is what those items actually sell for, typically less than the original asking price, often times, much less. Best of luck to you, Chris
sources: 25 years of personal experience buying and selling 1930's to 1960's vehicles
posted:  October 13, 2014
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