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is it worth changing a stock 3.8 header to a bigger header ?
i have a 94 mustang 3.8 and i wanted to up grade the stock headers but i talked to a vender about this and was told that it wouldnt make a difference. so should i just start from the factory headers and work my way back with magnaflows and what size pipe would be best ? i also have a whinning sound coming from the back of the motor on the passenger side what could that be?
posted: March 31, 2011
  Answers (2)
Be careful, too big of exhaust will cause eng to not have enough back pressure, you will lose power. Leave the exhaust the size it is, and put the flow masters on. Or contact magnaflow and they will advise you what would work best. Bigger is not alway's better.
posted:  April 12, 2011
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I agree that bigger is not always better. As fior the stock header, I would base the decision upon whether or not there is a header in the aftermarkett that has LONGER (not LARGER) tubes before going into the collector. It is a long-time theory that longer tube lengths before dumping into the collector gains more horsepower by what is known as "exhaust scavenging". As I understand it, exhaust scavenging is the act where the exhauist gases re-enter into the combustion chamber through the exhaust flow patterns, and "reburn" the unspent fuel that originally had left out the exhaust header. I don't have any horsepower gain numbers, but you can probably research it a little more, and come up with some precise facts to go along with this summary... Good Luck...
sources: I found this website, it is kinda tchnical, but it does the job ===> http://www.sporttruck.com/techarticles/0406st_exhaust_system_theory_summary/index.html
posted:  April 22, 2011
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