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Worth it to Restore 1963.5 Galaxie Fastback?
My husband has a 1963.5 Fastback Galaxie with a 390. Its been sitting for years but he did drive it for a couple of years before it was parked. Its a complete car with very little rust but it has been sitting outside for years. It has the bucket seats etc. This was his dream car to restore, and Ive been thinking about doing it for him for his 40th Birthday. My main point in asking this question is... should I restore this one or possibly find one already done? I was hoping that a restoration would be less than 20k, and that he would have some equity in it on top of the restoration cost when done. This particular one seems more on the rare and harder to find side. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank You
posted: September 27, 2019
  Answers (2)
Yes it's probably worth restoring but i would first get someone to inspect it for major rust especially the frame and suspension parts as they are very expensive to replace or repair !! Also i would get someone reputable to give you a estimate and i would not pay anyone upfront for work not performed to your liking !! Some will ask for 1/2 upfront but i would not do that because they already have your car to start with ! I would make payments on it when stages are completed !! Also you are very close on the price of restoring it but could be higher depending on the work quality !! Be careful of scammers especially someone that you are not familiar with when you are getting estimates !! I would get at least 2 or more estimates before choosing and always ask for references and also to see some of their work !! Hope this helps you !!
posted:  October 11, 2019
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If $20,000 is your budget I think you would be half-way there for a restoration on this car. I would estimate $40,000 to properly restore this car. Also the time it will take for the restoration will make the effort that much harder on you both.

With that said, if you could find a running , driving 1963.5 Galaxie Fastback for under $40,000, I would buy that for your husband and enjoy the car. Maybe sell the old car to someone else to restore and help pay for the running, driving Galaxie.

Good luck and be careful with your money.
posted:  October 23, 2019
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