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3 years ago in SITE SUGGESTIONS & COMME...
Hi Folks! I am curious to hear from all of you - if you could change anything about to make it better, what would that be? What functionality would you like added? No change is too big or too small. This is a very open-ended question, so feel free to discuss anything that's been bothering you or anything that you've been dreaming about for our beloved site. I'm looking forward to your input! Jack
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1 year ago
fire the deadbeats.... Hire people that will answer the phone.
2 years ago
I appreciate your not holding credit card info. I want to Edit one add to include "featured" ads. I attempted to edit my listing and saw an item that said because you do not keep CC records I would have to call support. Each time I call support I speak to a different young lady that have no knowledge of updating my ad. The last lady I spoke to did not know how to update the ad, and apologized for the delay and said the ad would be updated free of charge within 15 minutes. Still waiting. Now I am told it is not possible. Very disappointed after successfully selling a 60 Cad,. overseas using OldRide.
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