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I'm seeking help and have questions about purchasing a 1964 Bel Air
Coming to one of the questions asked. The car is not tuned at all.
The car is from 1964.
The engine is an original 6 cylinder, 2.5L (as to what the owner told me).
I am not familiar with the exact names, but the gear box was changed in 1967 from the original one to a 3speed gear. This was, in between gas for shifting gear, was not needed anymore.
The current owner states that it is 150HP, 1 rivision to the engine. The interior has been redone (as new). This weekend i will check the body again and if ok, i may make an offer.
thanks for the hint to check the Collector Car Market Review, comes in handy
posted: August 6, 2008
  Answers (5)
the original six cylinder was a 230 cu. in. which is about 3.8L. Chevrolet did have a four cylinder engine that was the base motor for their Chevy II. It was a 153 cu. in. which is about 2.5L. There was another six cylinder that was the base six cylinder for the Chevy II and the Chevelle and it was 194.4 cu. in. which is about 3.2L.

The 230 cu. in. = 140 HP
The 194.4 cu. in. = 120 HP
The 153 cu. in. = 90 HP

Maybe when the owner switched out the transmission he swapped out the older motor as well. In 1967 the six cylinder was changed to a 250 cu. in. (4.1L) which made a 155 HP.

If you can get the engine code off of the motor i can help you figure out what it is. If it is a 6-Cyl the code will be stamped on a pad behind the distributor on the right side of the block.

Hope this Helps.
posted:  August 7, 2008
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that is great info. This weekend i will be on-site and find out.
also i will check the last the status of the body. if it doesnot show any rost on the main frame of the car.
if there are known mall functions to such a car, i appreciate your further thoughts. as you figured out,i am new in this world of classics. cheers
posted:  August 7, 2008
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Look for the Vin Number (This will tell you if the car was a 6-cyl or a v-8 originally.) - Vin Numbers were stamped on a plate on the left front door hinge pillar.

Look for the fisher Body Tag (Cowl Tag) as well (This will tell you the original information such as the body style number, the production sequence number, the trim (upholstery) number code and the paint number code.

Im not to sure as what to look for on the body but you might want to check the rocker panels, frame rails, floor boards and inside of the trunk for rust. Make sure all gauges work and all electrical (example - lights) is working too.
posted:  August 7, 2008
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I added some more pıctures of the car to gıve an ımpressıon of the state of the car. all ınterıor ıs monted wıth parkers, the chrome parts on the body the same way,see pıcs.
ı have drıven the car today;
- 3 gears on the steerıng wheel
- clutch ok
- engıne clean

can you advıss ıf the way of montıng all the parts ıs done ın lıne wıth the orıgınal way or not.
thanks agaın. Martın
posted:  August 10, 2008
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ok from what i can read your vin starts with
4= which confirms the year 1964
15=confrms it was a six cyl car
69=is the trim package

this cars a 4 door right?
posted:  September 20, 2008
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