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I'm new to the forum and I would like to know if anyone out there is familar with 1939 Packard 6's
posted: October 30, 2009
  Answers (4)
Is there something specific that you want to know about them?
posted:  November 2, 2009
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I have so many questions but I promise not to dump them all on you. Let me give you a short background on the car because it may help you better when you try to answer my questions. The car is a coupe and sold to me as a Club Coupe and was running two years ago when I bought it. The I.D. plate was missing from the car when I bought it and it did not have any jump seats in the back as a club coupe would so I don't know if it's a club coupe or business coupe. The car appears to be completely original and even the front seat is correct. It has factory overdrive which is an unusual option for a 6 but not unheard of. The car has been converted to 12 volt although I don't know if it was all done correctly. OK the first question I was going to put an electric fuel pump on the car because the factory pump is supposed to be bad but I'm not sure if the original fuel pump has something to do with making the overdrive work. I have plenty more questions for you and I have many spare parts if you may need them. I have pictures if it will help. Thanks for your time. Chip
posted:  November 3, 2009
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I'm not familiar with Packards, but here is a great website that sells parts if you are looking for some plus they have some information [url]http://www.maxmerrittauto.com[/url]
posted:  November 10, 2009
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I also forgot to add that there is a place out in Georgia called Potomac Packard that might know about your fuel pump dilemma. Their phone # is 706-782-2345
posted:  November 10, 2009
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