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How do I remove the front drum on a 1966 F100 4X4?
I am trying to get into the front drum on my 1966 f100 4X4. I have removed the hub assembly and the spindle nut, but am now stuck. There looks to be some sort of bushing or something behind the spindle nut, but I cannot get it, or the drum, to come off. I have tried backing the self adjuster off, as well as hitting the drum with a hammer, and letting the pressure off of the wheel cylinder (and I know that the shoes are retracting, because I have to pump the brakes several times afterwords to get it to reengage). I just cannot figure out what I am missing, my Chiltons book (which should cover this) doesn't even show the piece that is in there, and I have broken 2 8" pullers trying to get the drum off. I do not think the mystery piece is another nut, since it is round and has no discernable means by which to put a wrench to it. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Oh, and, best as I can tell, it's a Dana 30 front end.
posted: May 21, 2008
  Answers (4)
These are some notes from a repair manual on the DANA 30, let me know if you have tried all these steps?

Remove the hub/lockout: Warn premium hubs, remove cap screws and remove the dial. Remove snap ring on the end of the axle shaft remove 6 bolts which holds it to the braking hub. Next, remove brake hub drum/rotor. Hammer back the locking washer which holds the spindle nut in place. Remove the outside spindle nut; lock washer, inner spindle nut and inner washer. Use a 2 1/16 inch spindle nut socket for removing spindle nut. Brake hub and drum should now be free.
posted:  May 21, 2008
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On my truck, it originally had Warn hubs. Ilosened the lug nuts, raised the truck, removed the 6 torx screws to remove the outer hub cover, then removed the two inner snap rings (one on the spindle, one on the inside of the hub). After that, the entire locking hub assembly pulls out, leaving the spindle, and the spindle nut. I then put a 4 post spindle nut socket on, remved the nut, and that is as far as I can get. It looks loike there is a bushing or something, but I can't get the drum to so much as budge. I don't see any way that you can put a wrench on the piece that is hanging me up, so that is where I am. Incidently, none of the pics in my Chiltons book look like what I am stuck on, nor can I find any kind of similar piece in the catalogues, such as LMC.
posted:  May 21, 2008
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Very strange, I will continue to look in some of the repair manuals I have here and see if I can find anything different.
posted:  May 22, 2008
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I talked to the people who took this apart last, and aparently there is a spacer in there, with a second spindle nut behind it. I haven't checked that answer yet, but I am inclined to believe it is correct.
posted:  May 22, 2008
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