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Has anyone gotten scammed from a seller on OldRide for paying for a car
posted: August 29, 2008
  Answers (3)
OldRide takes Internet fraud very seriously and we use all means to prevent it from happening. However, it is also the seller's and buyer's responsibility to make sure that they take all precautions necessary.
OldRide is not responsible for sales transactions, if you choose to do business with someone as a result of an ad listing on OldRide.com this is by your choice. If you are unsure about a potential buyer or seller we urge you to seek out investigation before engaging in a transaction. The more info you can get the better, that's why we always suggest talking with them in person or on the phone.

If you do have any interactions that you would like to share with others regarding this seller, please feel free to leave any feedback under the Reviews and Feedback section located on the member's profile page.

If you ever have any questions or concerns you can contact OldRide at [email protected]
sources: Some more detailed help ideas for tips about buying online can be found here: www.oldride.com/helptopics.html?buyingonline
posted:  August 29, 2008
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(My rules) Some basic rules for selling a car to someone not in your area or even in your area.

No money orders or cashier checks...( they are to commonly forged now) CASH WORKS
Never take a check for more than the price of the car (they normally want some back in this scam)

If the buyer is buying it from the interent or photos but basically unseen and they want delivery it get's sticky. A lot depends on the distance. If it's a ways away demand 50% up front. (non refundable) . If it's within a days (round trip) I ask for at least $500 down (Non refundable) . If the buyer backs out you have your expenses for the trip covered.

Another twist. I had a fellow tell me about going to buy a Corvette. They of course went with a pocket full of cash and were actually met at a house (turned out to be a fake address) by "robbers" with "guns" and ended up being robbed and shot. Beware of where you are going. IF possible I meet at WalMart. Plenty of cameras and people , plenty of room, bathrooms available, and you can go online and download a map to any Walmart in the country.

Just be cautious... there are a lot of crooks out there and they know how to work the system.
posted:  September 2, 2008
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The key is to do business with reputable people from Old Ride. Check the companies feedback by clicking the number by the company name. The more positive feedback the more reputable the seller. Its that simple really.
posted:  June 20, 2009
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