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Saginaw 605 P/S box main strng gear same diameter as Saginaw 525 MANUAL box main steering gear ??
Based upon my research, it appears that the MANUAL steering box counterpart to the Saginaw POWER steering 605 box was the Saginaw 525 box. If this is correct, does anyone know if the main steering gear / shaft within the 525 box is the same diameter as the main steering gear / shaft in the 605 box ? T H A N K Y O U . . .
posted: September 22, 2011
  Answers (3)
Not sure if this site might help carnut.com/specs/steering/pwr605.html
posted:  September 22, 2011
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"The 605 box has a smaller diameter pitman shaft, which fits the 122/525 series manual boxes. If you can get one of these arms (discontinued by GM and no aftermarket replacements available), correct length and drop is assured (retaining steering geometry) when installing a manual box"
sources: www.thirdgen.org/techboard/suspension-chassis/193540-manual-steering-box.html
posted:  September 22, 2011
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To Toulebag: Thanks, that's where I started, and am doing this conversion, I am wondering about a manual steering counterpart of this conversion using a 525 box.;

To BigBoss252: Thanks, I think I got my question answered through one of the replies in the link you sent:

"Unfortunately not since the manual S-10 box (525 series) has a smaller diameter pitman shaft than what is on an '82 T/A box (800 series), but it's the same diameter as what's on the 605 box. A lot of guys around here just put the S-10 box and pitman arm assembly in and despite the different length pitman arm, according to them, it works fine. Ideally though, you should locate a car with a 605 box and get the pitman arm off of it."

I was questioning the pitman shaft diameter of a 525 as it goes into steering box housing. If that diameter is the same (which according to the above quote it is), then that means that you can also use the pitman shaft from a 55-57 steering box (minus the two end teeth, 1 on each side), and add a piece of the 55-57 chevy steering box housing snout to a 525 box, and make a manual steering counterpart 55-57 Chevy conversion box, as it is also done with a 605 for the power steering version. Speedway Motors sells a 57 Chevy OEM pitman arm (see picture below), so the steering box housing would be 525 with the 57 Chevy steering box snout added, the pitman shaft would be 57 Chevy, as would the pitman arm with ball, that would link up to the OEM 57 Chevy centerlink, and I think it will work. Thanks...
posted:  September 22, 2011
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