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are all 1969 GTO's judges
My dads is the one in the pic i have the 69 lemans and we started talkin about the cars and wew were just wondering is there a difference between a 1969 gto and a 1969 gto judge???
posted: February 26, 2009
  Answers (7)
No, the Lemans and the GTO Judge are different, however they share the same sheetmetal and running gear (frame) for the most part. Think of it like an option, some GTO's came with an automatic, some were ordered with a 4-speed.
posted:  February 27, 2009
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GTO Judge was the top of the line for 69 I believe, I think they had larger engines also?
posted:  February 27, 2009
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And I Quote "There were 6,725 Judge Hardtops and 108 Judge Convertibles built in 1969. The factory build sheet will show Judge option RPO 554, UPC WT1."
posted:  February 27, 2009
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Not all were Judges. It was an option that included a special paint and striping package, The Ram Air intake system which was really cool. Most GTO's hood scoops were sealed. The Ram Air had a vacuum operated set of dampers mounted to the underside of the hood. This mated to the aircleaner inlets when the hood was shut. I think, but am not sure that all Judges came with the Ram Air 4 engine. This motor was a BEAST!! I had a base model GTO with the standard 400 hp engine and it would fly. I never drove a RA 4 car, but I rode in a freinds several times and watched him blow my doors off regularly. The RA engine was a lot more powerful. Don't pay any attention to horsepower ratings. They were grossly underrated on these muscle engines. I think mine was rated at 330 horses. Back then (1974) we had biased ply hard compound tires. Good thing they were cheap! With the posi 3.73 rear end I went through a set in a couple months. Anyway, with those tires , trying to keep from spinning, I could run between 13.10's to 13.50's without really pushing the rpms. That GTO was probably the best car I ever owned. My folks sold it when they moved while I was in the service. I wish I still had it. You have a fine car there. With today's tires, and aftermarket suspension pieces you can inexpensively build a sweet driver. If you are not restoring, consider Chevy big-block power. It will be much cheaper than a Pontiac 400 or 455. My cousin built a 70 GTO with a Chev 427 once. Good luck, have fun!
posted:  March 3, 2009
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thanks 4 last awnser but first 3 read question again u didnt read right
posted:  March 16, 2009
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These is no structural differences between the vehicles. All components, i.e. sheet metal, frame , basic suspension and driveline components are basically the same between vehicles. The Judge is an option package that is added to a base GTO.
Once the Judge package is added however, there are changes made to the vehicle to make it "Judge specific".
The standard GTO engine was a 350hp/400cid/4Bbl. Optional engines for the standard GTO included a 366hp/400cid /Ram Air III/4Bbl and a 370hp/400cid/Ram Air IV/4Bbl. Both Ram Air engine options came with the funcional Ram Air hood as described by the previous poster, however though I do not think they were vacuum -operated, but instead cable-operated via a control pull-knob under the dash.
The base engine in the Judge was the 366hp/400cid/4Bbl and the 370hp/400cid/Ram Air IV/4Bbl was optional.
Specific components in the Judge option (to the best of memory) were, blacked -out grill, Hurst shifter w/Tee-handle , heavy -duty suspension rear wing Judge spoiler and specific tape and ornamention.
The first 1500 or so were came in the color Carosel Resd (Orange). Not all Judges were Orange. Afer about February of 1969, all the GTO colors could be obtained.
posted:  May 3, 2009
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The lemans was just like a Judge. Same car. Just a little less horsepower but the same old crappy brakes!
posted:  April 30, 2010
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