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Can anybody help track down an old vin #? K2545z154624
posted: August 7, 2009
  Answers (2)
Searching for old vehicles is a very tedious task, I am still trying to track down a 62 Pontiac my father once owned, the search has been going on for years.

I would suggest letting us know what kind of vehicle (year, make, model) and also any special options the vehicle may have had (paint color, engine type, rare options, history) this may help jog someones memory or at least provide some additional information.

Another option is to find a local club and talk to their members about it, someone may recall the vehicle or know what happened....

Good Luck and be prepared for many dead ends!
posted:  August 7, 2009
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Thank you for your input. This vehicle is a 1965 Chevy truck that was my first car nearly 25 years ago. I had done a lot to this truck to include factory 3/4 ton 4x4, factory p/s, and factory p/b (vacuum assist). I painted the truck blue and had all the original chrome done. I upgraded the engine to a 454 taken from a 1972 truck and a 5 speed trans from an old C60 dump truck. The suspension and axles stayed original eight lug with 4:56 gears. This was a beautiful truck but life happened, we had children, moved with the military and had to sell it for the proverbial family minivan. Now the kids are in high school and I am transitioning (retiring) from the Air Force. I tracked down the vin from my old insurance company but that is as far as I have gone. Last thing I knew, the truck was sold to a guy in Santa Barbara, California. All my pictures are pre-digital age.
posted:  August 7, 2009
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