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1995 Mustang AODE won't shift from 2-3 and OD isn't working also?
I know this car may not be considered an old ride yet but my daughter wants to keep it forever. I've changed the fluid in both the torque converter and pan. I've replaced the trans filter, MLP switch (neutral safety switch) and checked the TPS (1.01). If it needs a rebuild that's one thing but if it's a part that's another as far dollars go.
posted: November 6, 2013
  Answers (4)
best bet is to get car to a reliable shop and have it scanned to see if your problem is in the trans or just a bad electrical connection .a bad ground or broken wire can cause your problems.
posted:  November 7, 2013
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Thanks retiredpartsman,
I want to avoid a shop if I can. I don't have one I can trust. I will rebuild the trans myself but I wanted to make sure it is the trans and not a simple trans part. I had it up on the rack in my barn and there isn't anything obvious besides the oil I changed was black leaning towards a rebuild. If there is someone who can give me specifics on testing something please do. The OBD1 is throwing a 618 code msg 2-3 shift fault is all it references.
posted:  November 8, 2013
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You have a broken transmision. How long has this been going on? if you stopped driving it when it first happen you might be able to save it...What's happened is that the computer on the trans may have broken the wire leads. However if it's been driven more than 100 miles. Think in terms of rebuilt transmission or new. I know I replaced on 3 yrs ago
posted:  January 31, 2014
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Thanks captcoupe. I bought a service manual and watched great video's on youtube for an AOD rebuild. Mine is an AODE (electronic) but similar. My son and I removed it and my daughter helped me tear it down. The direct drive was burned up so I completely rebuilt the trans and also put in a B&M shift kit along the way. My daughter helped clean parts and we reassembled and my son helped again to install it. It's working great. I bought a few tools to help with the rebuild but much I used what I had in my garage. With out the tools we probably spent 400 to 500 bucks. The local shop and on-line buys were 1k to 2k so not a bad decision to do it ourselves.
posted:  February 1, 2014
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