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im trying to figure out what my car is?
i purchased this car new in the fall of 1965. it was ordere with the police special and taxi cab options. i ordered it with the 396 v8, 4 on the floor and a 12 bolt posi rear end. no power options just power! it arrived at the dealer with a holley 650, not a quadrajet. it had a single exhaust exiting at the right rear tire, the exhaust was 3 1/2 inch diameter. it came in with blackwall BFG Silvertone tires, not whitewalls like they all came with? the decals said 325 hp but, i raced it for years at our local track and never lost. it would run away and hide fom all other 396's. it the 80's i installed a new cam for the 325 hp motor and its never ran the same. vin # 166375s203653. motor # T0325L F S203653. the tag on the firewall says GM corp 03D. H. next line is ST 65-16637 STL 015482. next line is TR 845 L-L. next line is W2LR. next line is 3C5W. so what is this car? i know it as my 65 impala ss but i think the motor is 450 hp since thats what the decal on tthe air cleaner lid says? thank you
posted: January 25, 2014
  Answers (2)
1= chev 66= caprice ? 68=impala ss 37= 2dr ht 5=year s=production plant . LF ON ENGINE =325 HP 3 OR 4 SPEED TRANS T= TOWANGA N Y 0325 = PRODUCTION DATE . the marking for 425 -396 is I E
posted:  January 25, 2014
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In 1965 Chevrolet made two 396 engines one is the 325 hp version and the Z-11 which is the 425 this engine came with dual 4's. Am not sure about a Police option could be around 360 hp thats what the 1966 engine made with the Holley carb. My 1965 was order with 396 Rochester 4 barrel ,4speed and 410 gears the first owner pulled a airstream trailer with it for 3 years then bought a new 454 GMC pickup. I bought mine with 25k on it and like you it had no power equipment. Although it was bright red with black interior an a SS.. Some times I miss it yet I've grown use to power everything. I currently show a 1987 Ford Crown Victoria Coupe limited ed. I think of the old days now and then hope this helps ...Oh GM did build a 375 hp in 1968.
sources: By brother was general Manager of a Chevrolet dealer
posted:  January 31, 2014
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