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1969 Chevy Malibu - How to identify engine type
I inherited a 1969 Chevy Malibu and I need to figure out what kind of an engine it has. It is a 2 door 250 hp hardtop. I was told that there are two engine types in this model and I can look at the engine block to figure this out.

Could someone tell me what/where I can find this info?

Much appreciated.


posted: December 22, 2008
  Answers (5)
Serial numbers are stamped on a plate on the left front door hinge pillar.
1st symbol: 1 = Chevrolet

2nd & 3rd symbols: 35 = Chevelle Malibu 6 cylinder / 36 = Chevelle Malibu V8

4th & 5th symbols:
11 = 2 door sedan
27 = 2 door pillared sport coupe
37 = 2 door hardtop or sport coupe
39= 4 door hardtop or sport sedan
67 = 2 door convertible
69 = 4 door sedan
35 = 4 door six passenger station wagon
36 = 4 door two seat station wagon with dual-action tailgate
46 = 4 door three seat station wagon
47 = Impala Custom or Caprice sport coupe

6th symbol:
A - Atlanta, Ga.
B - Baltimore
C - Southgate, CA.
D - Doraville, GA
F - Flint, MI.
G - Framingham, MA
J - Janesville, WI
K - Kansas City, MO
L - Los Angeles, CA.
N - Norwood, OH
R - Arlington, TX
S - St. Louis, MO
T - Tarrytown, NY
U - Lordstown, OH
W - Willow Run, MI
Y - Wilmington DE
Z - Fremont, CA and 2 St. Therese, Quebec, Canada

The last 6 symbol are the production sequence number in the specific factory

Location Of Engine Code: 6-Cyl-- Stamped on a pad behind the distributor on right side of block. 8-Cyl-- Stamped on the block in front of the right hand cylinder head.

Reply with the code you found by clicking on the Answer this question button and I (or someone else) might be able to tell you what kind of engine you have.
posted:  December 22, 2008
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Thanks for the detailed response. I was away on vacation, hence the delay.

Here is more info on the car.

Face Plate info:
ST 69 13537 FM 101551 BDY
TR 755 53 53 PNT

It is a 69 6-cylinder Chevelle Malibu 2 door hardtop, built in Flint, MI

The engine block number is:

Engine block number:

Any further insight would be helpful. Any idea on what I could sell this car for would be helpful. It runs well, body is in awesome shape, some rust in place (including engine and trunk). Interior is in fabulous shape, all orig equipment. This was my father-in-law's first car and his baby. He always kept it until he passed on last year. He wasn't a classic car enthusiast - just sentimental about his first ride. He was the original owner of the car.


posted:  January 4, 2009
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1969 Chevelle Fisher Body Number Plate
sources: www.chevellestuff.com/1969/trim_tag.htm
posted:  January 5, 2009
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As far as the price goes on your Malibu it is hard to say without seeing a picture. You do mention that there is some rust issues which will really ding the price way down plus a 6 cylinder engine is quite a bit less desirable. However it sounds like you do have an interesting vehicle on your hands.

Here are a couple of classic car online pricing guides that might help you find out what you could get for it.
posted:  January 5, 2009
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Here are some pics of the car. Unfortunately, I looked all over the engine (behind the distributor, oil flter, etc) but can't seem to find the engine block stamping. I noticed on chevellestuff.com that on Framington assembled 69 Chevelle's, someone mentioned that the 6-cyls might not be stamped.

There is some minor rust on the body, otherwise the body and interior are in absolutely perfect shape. Some grease/dirt in the engine compartment and bit of rust in the trunk.

Seats have a cloth cover, but they are fully intact. All interior equipment is original and works.

Just trying to get a sense of what I might get for this car before I post a for-sale ad on OldRide.

posted:  January 6, 2009
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