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1934 & 1937 Fargo Trucks
I have acquired the above two trucks in considerable disrepair and am looking at restoring the 1934 model. We have the following details for the 1934 = Chassis: 8344823 / Plate: B-5-O-LR390 / Engine: CT6-6058 / Gross Weight: 10500 lbs. For the 1937 we have the following: Serial No: 8503425 / Model FE-4-59 / Engine: T41-4769. Both of these trucks are in New Zealand. I would appreciate any assistance on identifying any further details and also any restoration contacts or details anyone out there may have. Photos have been posted in the gallery but am happy to send them on to anyone if they will help. With regard to being in New Zealand, I would be more than happy to pay for phone calls if anyone has info that can help as often easier to discuss over phone than via postings.
posted: September 29, 2009
  Answers (6)
I know this doesn't help you out a whole lot but allot of Fargo Trucks were in Canada for some reason. Seams Alberta Canada has allot of Fargo trucks in that area? Anyone else notice that?

Its not going to be easy finding parts for the 34!
posted:  September 29, 2009
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You could try VaVaVoom Garage in Manitoba Canada.
There phone number is 204-248-2221
posted:  September 29, 2009
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Forgot to add it to my last post, their was a guy on here by the name gvcars, he had allot of Fargo stuff if I remember correctly.
posted:  September 29, 2009
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Fargo was a brand of truck manufactured and sold in Canada by the Chrysler Corporation. Fargo trucks were almost identical to Dodge trucks, save for trim and name, and were sold by Chrysler-Plymouth dealers. Production began in the late 1920s.

The name Fargo was discontinued after 1972 for Canada, but lived longer for other countries around the world under the Chrysler Corporation's badge engineering marketing approach. Most of the Fargo trucks and bus chassis sold in Argentina, Finland, Australia, India, and other countries in Europe and Asia were made in Chrysler's Kew (UK) plant. Most were also sold under the Dodge and Commer names.

The Fargo brand still exists in Turkey, where Fargo and DeSoto trucks are made by Askam Kamyon Imalat with no technical or business connection with Chrysler.

Theories on why Chrysler used the name Fargo include the imagery of open range of the American west, symbolized by the city of Fargo and the Wells-Fargo stage lines, while another theory assumes there was a play on the words "Far" and "Go" denoting durability.

or try here

posted:  September 29, 2009
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There is a Fargo 1937 FE 6 Truck Owner's Manual for sale right now on ebaymotors.com by Johnson's Auto Literature out of Farmingham, Massachusetts or you can visit their website and contact them directly www.autopaper.com
posted:  September 29, 2009
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Any idea of the year/model in attached pic?
posted:  October 20, 2014
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