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rone36 |
13 years ago in CADILLAC
I have a 1985 coupe De'Ville with a piece of s*** 4100. I put a nice paint job and new interior but I want to get rid of this 4100, what else can I put in it? I have heard of people putting olds mobile motors in them but I think they were rear wheel drive. This one is a front wheel drive, help needed. Thanks.
Answers (2)
13 years ago
If your talking about a Olds Toronado 1985 , if they were made that year it would be a motor you can swap, it has always been a front wheel drive car...And when I worked in a wrecking yard back in 96, there was a small Toronado and it was basically the same as the Caddy Coupe De'Ville front wheel drive that was right beside it..Just my thoughts ..Right or wrong..
13 years ago
You might want to go here and ask these guys,its a forum for caddy's: Good Luck