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Is there anyway of finding a mustang I had in1979? I have NO vital info to go on.Can the dmv help?
After 30 yrs.I was at a funeral and seen this new rousch stang and I just had to look at it? The guy was telling others about it,and I joined in the conversation by saying in looked somuch like my black 69.He said I had 1 too! We went thru the well mine had that too type talk till we looked at each other with total shock.He owned it before me and sold it to the dealer I had bought it from.30 yrs. and we where looking for the same car for the same memories.Really wild stuff. Well now I've got to do what I can to try and find my ole baby and bring it home.If you have any ideas of how I can find her PLEASE let me know.And I mean ANY ideas at all,because at this point I haven't a clue where to start.Thanks,and to say I think its really cool to be able to talk to guys with the stang fever like I have.Thanks again Charlie Mattingly,,,Louisville,Ky.
posted: August 20, 2008
  Answers (4)
Good luck Charlie, its really hard to track them down, especially if you do not know what state they are in. Do you have the vin # or license plate #. Also you may want to try looking in some of the Mustang Registry's - perhaps someone has posted it there. Good luck and let us know if you find anything out!
posted:  August 20, 2008
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You can also try contacting your local DMV and see what information they are willing to give out or if they can even offer any help. It's a long shot, but it's a start and worth a try.
posted:  August 21, 2008
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I’ve been down this road before (looking for a car my dad sold back in 1970) and let me tell you, it’s difficult, especially if you don’t have photos, old reg. cards, etc.

Just for the record, I am still looking for it!

I started out by finding the person my dad sold the car to, after talking with them they actually remembered the names of people they sold the car to in the late 70's. He unfortunately passed away and she couldn’t remember what had happened to it but thought it was sold locally, the hunt continues.

My point, start talking to people who may remember the car, the store owners, sales people at the dealership who worked there. Work your way down the tree and don’t give up. Start now, time only erases memories!
posted:  August 21, 2008
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i found a 68 convertible for a friend of mine in our state thru the dmv but he had an old photo that happened to show the lic numbers some times the dealerships have old records of course that is if they them selves sre still around if you know what year you registered your stang in the state may be able to look up in their title records , do you know what company you were insured thru i have also found car vins that way unfortunately if the car has left your state it is harder but a state by state check can be done if you have the vin. most states charge for a title search some by the hour so make sure if they charge for a search how they do it . of course the stang could already be anew jap car by know good luck
posted:  October 15, 2008
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