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What is the value of my 68 GMC truck?
I have been searching desperately for a 67-72 Chevy C-10 or Cheyenne, if i got that lucky. Well, unfortunately i couldn't find one so I bought a 68 GMC from a family friend. It is a long bed and 3 on the tree with 46,000 original miles on it. everything is original in it. I have a few things i need to fix like the door handle and a paint job, but thats about it. I was wondering if because the GMC's are a little more rare, if they were worth more than the Chevy's or if you don't see many cause people didn't like them as much. I really would like a Chevy better and was thinking about putting a chevy front clip on my truck, which I know would ruin the originality and resale value. I just aint sure what to do?
posted: October 25, 2009
  Answers (3)
I think you are worrying too much my friend, yeah Chevy and GMC are different trucks, but only to a hard core owner of either trucks. I have owned both types and the main diff is the name tag, some trim and the fact that GMC came with gauges, not idiot lights in the dash. I say change what you want..keep the parts you take off and if and when you sell the truck offer up the parts or change them before you sell...Enjoy the truck and stop sweatin the easy stuff...Just my thoughts ..Right or wrong
posted:  October 26, 2009
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I agree with Kruizin, do whatever it is you like. GMC's and Chevy's are practically the same price. If you are going to exchange the front clip though, you might want to see first if they are interchangeable.
posted:  October 28, 2009
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There is no particular value differences between the GMC and the Chevy. I will tell you that some trucks came with posi rear-ends and some not you seem to have a low mileage truck and this alone makes the truck more valuable then others. I have seen restored trucks for sale as much as 65,000 in this year range. Some had Big Blocks a lot had small blocks. There is a lot of things that vary with these trucks and the more you research the more you will learn and enjoy this truck. As far as liking the Chevy over the gmc it is just a preference and likely your age. I use to love the chevy looks when I was younger but now the gmc is growing on me. Anything that is all original is always worth more but there is a lot of these trucks and they have had just about everything done to them. We have sold a 68 Chevy short-bed with a lot of custom work for just 8200 dollars.
posted:  November 15, 2009
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