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What 80's or 90's model car chasis will fit a 57 chevy 2 door post with little modification?
posted: August 26, 2008
  Answers (2)
I cannot think of too many cars from these years that were actually full frame! Allot of compact trucks had full frames, S10, Dodge D100's. Whats wrong with the frame you have? You can buy newer suspension components which would probably be easier than modifying a newer frame (disc brakes, rack and pinion steering). With these suspension components installed it will probably ride and drive nicer than a car from 80's!
posted:  August 26, 2008
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I don't know how much this will help with your '57, but I couldn't't find any 80's, 90's, or newer vehicle frames that would fit correctly under my '47 Chevy Coupe either. Most of the wheelbases started getting shorter after the 70's apparently, so it's hard to find something much over 108\"-112\". My '47 is somewhere around 116\", if I remember correctly.

I started checking some older frames and found that a '69 Chevelle 4 door had the exact same wheelbase, width, and basic dimensions as my coupe. So, that's what is now sitting underneath the sheet metal on my '47, a 1969 Chevelle 4 door complete frame. The 4 door frame is nearly identical to the 2 door chevelle, except for being slightly longer I believe, and these were some of the meanest cars on the road at that time. So, I figured if these frames were good enough to hold a 396 rat motor, then it would work fine for my little coupe.

The only mods that had to be done to the frame was to shorten the front frame horns which were too long, but you have to modify the radiator mounts anyway, regardless of what newer frame you would use, and the rear horizontal cross bar on the very rear of the frame box had to be flipped over to clear the trunk floor due to the bar being arched upward. There were even 4 of the original body bolts that lined up with mounting holes in the chevelle frame!

So, as I say, I don't know how much of this would pertain to your '57, but my suggestion would be to not just limit yourself to the 80's and 90's vehicles. Sure they are much newer and have much more sophisticated suspensions, but there are numerous companies out there that sell suspension upgrades for the older cars, so besides the fact that the older frames would probably be a lot cheaper in the first place, you could probably buy one of them and upgrade the suspension for less than what a newer frame would cost in the first place.

Just my 2 cents worth......hope it helps
posted:  October 28, 2008
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