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The question is below about my 1968 engine issue?
I am the owner of a 68 ford mustang with a 200cid engine/6cyl. Love the car but have had one problem for over 10 years, picture the seen, you are at a stop light and the light turns green, if you hit the gas pedal too hard the engine stall, to softly the engine stall, welcolme to my life. I have had the carburator replaced numerous times, I have had the vacumm lines checked and all parts replaced if there was any doubts. The points are plugs are great, I even took the engine apart so all the parts work and yet still have this probelm, or "dead spot" in my engine for a second from stop to start that I cannot get rid of. I have met two other owners of the same car who have the same issues and no answers. I can't accept that someone has not had the same issue and found the answer. I would really appreciate any help or suggestions people who knoew these cars have. Thank you for your time.
posted: August 10, 2008
  Answers (5)
What do you have for a carb now, I used to have a '68 w/302 4 bbl and had similiar issues with hesitation. Have you tried contacting Pony Carburetors Inc, they specialize in Mustang carbs and have lots of knowledge with these issues.

posted:  August 11, 2008
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sounds to me like a carb accelerator pump issue.
posted:  August 12, 2008
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Do you know the carb number? Is it an autolite 1100? A couple of different things could be happening but it is most likely all related to that crappy carb! For one they get hot, try installing a spacer. Two, the power valves go bad as does the acc. pump, try ordering a carb kit and rebuild. The best suggestion, get a replacement carb from ponycarbs.com
posted:  August 13, 2008
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when in doubt specs i have found rebuilt and even new carbs on these engines that have wrong jets or Even power valves there are several of each available also there are ways to adjust accelerator pump action to increase or decrease amount of fuel it shots out make sure that not only is timing correct but all aspects of distributer are correct and functioning you said the engine has been apart but was it overhauled ,am replaced or just checked and reassembled worn timing components will cause stalling as well as what is known as stuttering , is this car an automatic or stick if auto check vacuum shift system any vacuum leaks any where can cause these problems. install a temporary vacuum gauge and watch it while you drive you may see fluctuations that can help find this problem i have not found one of these cars that i couldn't get to run right yet some time it just takes time good luck
posted:  October 15, 2008
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the gas now days is not as good has alcohol in it plus check the distributor coil old age has caught up with it
posted:  March 14, 2014
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