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According to the December 1987 article by Fred Fox (well known Studebaker historian) that was published in Turning Wheels (Studebaker Drivers Club monthly bulletin) the following numbers of 2E (1956 model year) trucks were produced: 1/2 ton (all engines) - 7097 3/4 ton (all engines) - 1198 1 ton (all engines) - 998 Of course there is no guarantee that all of these trucks were built with a pickup box - many other decks were available.
Sources: Turning Wheels; Volume 19 No. 12 (December 1987)
10 years ago
You could try contacting the MT. Shasta Orphan Classics Car Club in Redding, CA. Their club president is pretty knowledgeable about Studebakers and if he doesn't know, I bet you he knows who does. Club Contact: (530)222-1948
Sources: [url][/url]
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