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I own a 1962 thunderbird I have no headlights
Before yesterday I only had my High beams only. The floor dimmer has over 12 volts coming into the plug. I have no low beam at all.The headlight socket have voltage to the sockets. Today I have no headlights at all.The rear lights come on with the dash knob is pulled out. I also have the courtesy light that comes on with the door being opened. What do I have to check next. Thank You Lar
posted: June 14, 2013
  Answers (3)
If you have voltage at the sockets then the head light's are bad or the connection to the terminals of the light.
You should have power going into the dimmer switch. And power going to the the lights. And when you whitch the dimmer switch you should have power on the other wire going to the head lights. You might have a ground power bad, at the head lights. You said, you had power to them, than its a bad connection or a ground problem at the conector to the head lights. good luck
posted:  June 15, 2013
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unplug the light switch from the dash. Take test light an fined the 12 volt power source. Go to the head light connectors an fined the wire colors that porvide power to the head lights. Take a jumper wire and put one in into the power wire, an the other end into the wire color that powers the light. At the switch. Does the light come on. Than the switch is bad. Take the test light an put the ground end onto the positive post of the battery. Take the pointed end an put it into the ground wire in the head light conector. If the light lights the ground to the head lights are good. Check both side's. If test light does not light you have ground problem Take a multimeter and check for how much voltage you got going to the head light connectors. Should be 8 or above for bright lights.
posted:  June 16, 2013
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I lost your message. Take a multimeter. Put the meter on 20 K ohms. Take the ground wire of the meter and but it on one of the terminals of the low beam light, and the red on the other terminal. If the light is good the meter will show a reading. On a light with three terminals, put the ground on the center terminal, or the top one, and touch the red wire of the meter to both termenals on the light if low and high are good the meter will show a reading
If you don't have a meter, take two wires touch one to the ground of the battery, and the other end to the ground of the head light, and do the same for the hot side, the light will burn if good. A two pronk light put the ground on any terminal and the red on the other it will light up if good. Good Luck
posted:  June 19, 2013
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