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What would a complete, numbers matching, rusty project, 1968 GTO 400 four speed, be worth?
I have a 1968 Pontiac GTO that has been sitting for 20+ years, I believe the motor is locked up but complete except for the air breather assembly. The four speed shifter is also missing, (both parts were stolen) other than these two items the car is complete and all numbers match. 1 owner, clear title. Any ideas what this rust project would be worth?
posted: February 10, 2008
  Answers (4)

It's always a little tough, especially without seeing the car. However here are a few resource links to some of the value-guides that we use. If you are looking to sell it, you could start off accepting offers as long as you have a good idea of what its worth so you dont sell for too low.


Also what motor does it have in it, or any rare options besides the 4 speed, That can make a big difference.
posted:  February 11, 2008
GTO's are hot right now so without seeing any photos of it and not knowing how bad the rust issues are I would say in the 3,000 to 6,500 range.

If it is a convertible, even more but I must assume its a hardtop. Also, engine HP plays a big price factor, the higher HP 400's demand a bit more.

A true one owner car should be worth restoring however!
posted:  February 11, 2008
After researching the GTO sites, I did discover that there are two types of 400 motors for this year. I know where to find the numbers now and will look to see which motor it has. I do know that my uncle would not sell the car because there was something rare about it and that a simple repair of a clutch is what halted the use of the car in 1974. I was there as a little kid when my uncle pushed the car into the barn. I would like to restore the car in my uncles memory but its beyond my talent and resorces to do so. Its a hardtop with no AC. It even has the original tires on it!
posted:  February 12, 2008
$2500.99 or what some one will pay
posted:  February 14, 2008