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Information please about these cars?
1941 Buick Super 8; model # 45-19; body serial 607; trim 350 marble steering duel carb twin cylinder
1974 Pontiac Granville convertible; 403 American motor 4 barrel power window 86871,0 miles
1963 Buick La sable; wildcat 410 2 barrel; 98171,0 miles
1964 Dodge New Yorker 2 door

Hi I would like any information about these cars. My mom passed away and we have to sell these cars, I have been researching about the value of these cars and have a rough idea of what they are worth but since I have been away from the old cars for some time I figure that by asking someone on this site that I would get someone with more knowledge and to teach me what I need to look for.

the 1941 Buick is the one that I am having a hard time I found the model number on the car 45-19 but yet on this site I was on there is no listing for this model Why can't I find this number? It is all original and only had 1 owner before my dad bought it.

If anyone wants to talk about these cars feel free to email me I would love to be able to chat and know more about these cars thank you

I will be getting photos of these cars soon but I need the snow to go away before I take them out of the garage and take off the layers of dust of them before they make their appearance.
posted: February 27, 2010
  Answers (5)
I am not aware of any model 45 in 1941 They made a 40,70,and 90 I do know that they had a model 45 in the 20's so a 1921 Model 45 is feasable. They did not make a Dodge New Yorker I assume you mean Chrysler? Your model will vary in price depending on options The 2 door is of course more desireable but there are 8 or so sub options that would increase the value of you car.
Have a look at www.nada.com in the consumer section collectible cars. This will give you a good rule of thumb on your values and what options came with your cars.
posted:  February 28, 2010
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HI Randy, Thank you for replying First of all you were right it is indeed a 1964 Chrysler New Yorker my mistake.

For the Buick it is indeed a 1941 I went to the site you mention and it made me a bit more confuse from a touring sedan to a phaeton how do I tell the difference?

I have added some pics of the Buick and the tag. I forgot to mention that the car was made in Canada.
posted:  March 1, 2010
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If you'll give these nice Buick folks some time to research your '41 Buick question you should find your answer here >>> http://forums.aaca.org/f115/1941-buick-super-eight-help-278220.html
posted:  March 1, 2010
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nicloe2010 I have a 1940 Cad LaSalle and the firewall tag says 40-5019 Meening its a 1940 model 50 Is it at all posible that you have a 1945 model 19? I hope i'm not sending you on a wild goose chase. the picture of the body sure seems to be 41 But beeing in the War years anything could be possible.. The next production year was 1946-47
I do have some repair and wireing manules for most of these early cars. If Iv'e been of any help . Please let me know "OLDSCHOOL" [email protected] And Best of Luck
posted:  June 25, 2010
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The Buick appears to be a Touring Sedan (a Phaeton is a 4 door convertible) but the Model 45-19 does not show up in any of my US Buick literature. It may have been a Canada-only model.
sources: 70 Years of Buick
Standard Catalog of Buick 1903-1990
posted:  April 2, 2011
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