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I need to know everything about a 1926 Cadillac fuel system.
I have a 1926 Cadillac that starts when you pump up the system and then goes out of fuel. The air system that should kick in is not working. I need to know how this works and would love some pictures.
posted: July 26, 2012
  Answers (4)
I don't know what you mean by pump up the system. The gas line is more than likly rotten, and the pump is sucking air. I would take a can of fuel, and remove the rubber hose from the pump. And get alittle longer peice and run the hose in a gas can. And see if the pump works' If you have a vacuum gauge. You can hook it too the, sucksion side of the pump and see if the pump will pull a vacuum. That will tell you if the pump is working. But it will not tell you about how much volume, it is pushing. I don't know what you mean by air system.
posted:  July 27, 2012
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THis is some info I found about the old Stewart Warner vaccuum style pumps. I have a 1928 cadillac. 2nd one I've owned ....first one purchassed in 1971. I had the same problem Don mentioned. Vac leak at wipers. At the firewall you can disconnect the wiper line and install a cap . This will help until you can sort the problem out. The wiper line is the one right behind the line going into the top of the vac tank. At the four line thingy. On the top of the tank on the passenger side is a large cap. Fuel filter (or not) inside. Check for Clogged filter..don't worry if there is none. Don't need that for now anyway. This is the same location I prime my tank from...clear hose and small funnel taped to one end..enough tape wrapped on other to kinda seal hose into hole at tank. When you are not running the car always turn the tank off. I do it EVERY time I turn the car off. Even for quick stops. Call if you want to chat. Rick 704-843-7576
posted:  July 27, 2012
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And a little info pertaining to the tank itself Re: 1928 Cadillac Vacuum Fuel Pump Problems
A little info on the tank itself Like UnimogJohn said, vacuum tanks are simple and quite reliable. Rebuilding them is easy... there's nothing to them. The rebuild kit is an example of how simple they are. It's usually a gasket, a couple crush washers, some springs, and a bunch of new screws. The tank is basically a tank within a tank with a float and valve.

Like R-ajax said, always turn the tank off if you aren't going to be starting the car up again in the next hour or so. They tend to leak the gas out if you don't. If you don't have a shutoff valve on the bottom, it's a good idea to install one.

Don't put an electric fuel pump on. You could end up with carb problems because these carbs are only designed to hold back the gravity feed pressure from the vacuum tank.
sources: These were from The Antique Auto Club Of America forums
posted:  July 27, 2012
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learnet some thing
posted:  July 27, 2012
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