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What make and model rear ends will fit my 1965 Chevy C20 (3/4 ton) Pickup? I'd like a DANA 60.
[b]What I have:[/b]
1965 Chevy C20
283 cid
sm420 trannie, 4 speed with the "granny gear"
16.5" 8-lug
Eaton HO-72 (Here lies the trouble! Nobody make parts for these things!) 5:57? 5:73? I forget

[b]What I need::[/b]
a. Someone to point out where I can buy parts for the HO-72 for less than a grand.
b. Someone who can build me a new "bolt in" that will keep my 3/4 ton capacity and 8-lug pattern for less than $4000.00!
c. A list of Chevy vehicles (make and model range) that will fit in my pickup without to much modification. I'd like to find one with the same axil width and pumpking position. Maybe a Dana 60?

Anyone have any help of any kind for the poor soul who thought the C20 would be a good idea because "There aren't that many around."?

Many thanks.

posted: December 13, 2013
  Answers (4)
depending having coil [most likely ] or leaf springs makes a difference . if you can find a 71 or72 gmc 3/4 ton they used a dana 60 ,with same length axles as a 66 . mounting brackets might be different . the 73 axles are 1 and 3/8 inches longer combined than 66 s .mounting on these would need to be changed for sure ,also brake drum size . when checking on brakes ,HOLLANDER INTERCHANGE shows that some 66s came with the dana 60 in them
posted:  December 14, 2013
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axle ratios are 4.11 4.57 5.14 and 5.83 .if you can find a 3 speed it more than likely will have the lower ratio in it , because lower ratio was used to move larger loads lower ratio =higher number ..
posted:  December 14, 2013
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Many thanks for the info. and quick response Partsman. I'll be headed out Monday, tape measure in hand, to the junkyard, so couple more questions if you don't mind.

If I measure likely candidates should I measure from the mounting plate on either end of the axle tube?

When you mentioned checking the brake drum size, are you talking about their diameter, their thickness, or the width of the whole assembly including break drums?

And last, but not least, what am I forgetting?

Thanks again.
posted:  December 14, 2013
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check private message
posted:  December 15, 2013
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