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what do I have?
I have a 1971 Cobra Jet boat that is equipped with a 427 Corvette engine, I think. I believe the 427 was last built in 1969. I researched the 1970 and 1971 Corvette's and they only came with 454's. So, I bought a new 1971 boat with a 1969 engine in it. That's OK. I looked for the engine number on the right front of the block but see nothing. I assume the front is where the water pump would be. I also think the right is as if your sitting in the car seat and right side of engine is actually the left front as you face the water pump??? In the rear, above the bell housing I did find numbers right below the headres. On the right side, raised, not stamped were "125 8". On the left side were "3963512" a sideways "T" below the number, "CONV1" and "GM5". I think the "T" is where the engine was built, in Tonawanda, N.Y. The rest is mumble jumble to me. Can you help me in figuring out what I have here? Thank You. Ray Firpo
posted: June 19, 2012
  Answers (2)
the casting # is for a 71-76 8cyl 454 in pass cars was also used in trucks 73-79 model years.have fun with the extra cubes. source hollander interchange manual 50th edition.
posted:  June 20, 2012
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The eng is a 454,1971 -72, head casting is, 6272292, steel crank, and its atruck eng. They also put them in the chrvy line of car's if so its aforged crank' from 70 -72. Also the left side of the car is when your seating in the car seat at the wheel. And rt side is the passengers side. And when you refere too the motor or the out side of the car the drivers side is the left side of the car; and the motor. So when you refear to the lt or rt side of the car or motor, left is the drivers side and passenger is the rt side of the car and motor. Not when you are facing the motor.
posted:  July 15, 2012
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