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13 years ago in CLASSIC CAR NEWS
I'm looking to find out where the large classic car shows in the USA are - those that get 500 + vehicles that show up. I'm in Florida,not that far from Daytona, so I am aware of the Turkey Run, and the Lake Mirror Classic. I've heard there's a large one in South Carolina ( Darlington ? ) but I don't really know when or where it is. I'm especially interested in the shows in the Southeast, but I'd like to know where they are in general. For Florida, I'd like to know which ones get about 250 or more on a regular basis ( and I know about Old Town in Kissimmee ). Thanks.
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12 years ago
If you are ever in the Houston area make it out to this show. This is held every sat night and normaly over 250 cars. Thanks and here is the info... [email protected]
13 years ago
I agree the best of all is the back to the 50's show you can look it up on google great web site great show I've gone 15 years in a row .they only let car's from 1964 and down in . they have all makes and model's . trust me to see it all you'll need to go every day.
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