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What do most restorers wish they had done differently after their project is completed?
Body off frame?
posted: May 16, 2008
  Answers (4)
Taken more "before" and "after" photos!!
posted:  June 3, 2008
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The answer "Take more before and after photo's" is indeed very important. Also; More documentation of parts on disassembly of vehicle, is also important. You can't have too many labels telling you what a certain part is, and where it goes. Take all the pictures that you can, especially with the digital camera. Take a video, if you need to. That will tell you where specifically where a part will go, in case you forget. Also; Take your time, if at all possible. Too many people get in a big rush, and make costly mistakes. Also; Have a large enough garage, shop, or any other good, covered area, out of the weather. Too many projects were ruined, not finished, parts lost or stolen, etc., just because of the place or environment, that they decided to take on this large project. You also will loose a certain amount of ambition, if you don't have a good place to work. Also; Use all ORIGINAL PARTS IF POSSIBLE,... It does not pay to use cheap aftermarket, replacement parts. I know they are cheaper, pricewise, But, in the long run, you will regrete using these cheaper parts. They just don't hold up, especially the chrome plated ones. Find a good, local chrome plating shop, nearby to get you chrome pieces re-plated, and make sure they do a good quality job. Also; Invest in some good books and shop manuals, do a little pre-reading, and get accuainted with your project, It will help a great deal. Ask questions, from other car buffs, if need be,..don't be afraid to ask a few questions. Other car collectors, most of the time, are always more than happy to give pointers, and other tech. info. Also, and last , but not least,... Go to some car shows, to get ideas, info., color choices on paint, where to go for parts,(maybe a junk yard, or two, for good, orig. parts), and just to hang around other car buffs, and gearheads, to "LEARN ALL YOU CAN"!... I'm sure there is more to this question, but I will leave some, for the pro's. Enjoy your restoration project, get your mate inv
sources: Just years of experience!
posted:  June 12, 2008
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Turned it into a street rod/ hot rod/ custom - so they can take it out on a weekend and DRIVE IT! Instead of it sitting in a garage dripping oil on the floor....

Just pokin fun at you restorers out there... we all enjoy em - just in our own ways
posted:  September 2, 2008
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im not so sure any project is ever really "completed", there is always someting...
posted:  December 23, 2009
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