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Stalling at on stops and low speed
Just bought a 67 Mercury Cougar XR7 289 V8 motor. I test drove it a couple times no issues. Sound great looks great. I pick it up and am on the interstate for 20 miles 60-70 mph no issues. I come up to traffic and am coasting a little at 20 or so mph and it stalls. Starts right back up and I'm good until I get off the freeway and when I come to a stop light and try to go again it stalls again. I get it to my buddies house check it out a little, call some friends (I'm not a car guy by any means). The fuel filter was pretty dirty so I changed it and used sea foam in the fuel tank. Next morning leave his house for home. Same scenario freeway it's fine all the way in. I get off the freeway and it's even fine for a few lights then it starts doing it again. Anytime I stop for more than a second or two it stalls. Always starts back up fine. New fuel filter is still completely clean so I don't think it sucked up any more sludge. I don't really know where to go from here. It was idling at about 600rpm. I adjusted that to 800 and it seems to make it a little worse or the same at best. I went to a shop down the street and they think the carb just needs adjusted but they can't check it out until Monday. Just want some more opinions before then.??
posted: June 25, 2016
  Answers (2)
it could have a vacuum leak, especially if it will idle when cold but stalls when warmed up. good luck
posted:  June 26, 2016
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It sounds like it could all be fuel related. Was the vehicle sitting for quite some time? Does the gas smell like lacquer or brown in color? If the gas is fine I would suggest having the carburetor adjusted as well. Also looking at the year of car check, the throttle linkage for worn bushings or bad grommets.
posted:  August 28, 2016
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