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I just bought a 57 Belair w/283 engine. What gas should be used? What grade oil?
posted: August 22, 2008
  Answers (4)
always use Premium blend 94 or higher octane if possible. Depending on if the engine has been rebuilt with hardened valve seats, a can of lead substitute is an option.

I use 10-30W Havoline in my engines.
posted:  August 22, 2008
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I would suggest you use regular fuel and 10W30 name brand oil
sources: Personal experience
posted:  August 24, 2008
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well my whole family has at least 1 muscle or sports car we use regular gas but 94 octane or higher every three fill ups
posted:  August 31, 2008
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If the engine was a basic V8 it most likely will take regular. If it happens to be Fuel Injected or 2 - 4 barrel carbs ,it might demand Primium.
The best thing is to take the engine serial number to a dealer (or serious collector) and have them tell you what engine is in it. If it's been modified it might take premium but 90% used regular. Don't be fooled into thinking that Premium gas is better gas. Far to many people think that they "need" to burn premium when in reality if their engine doesn't require premium they are using the wrong fuel. The difference between Premium and regular is the speed of the burn. Premium has a more controlled burn. This slows down the "explosion" in the cylinder. If the engine was designed and timed for regular gas you should use regular gas. Using the wrong gas will just build carbon in the cylinders.

Use a good quality 10/30W Oil... ( not Penzoil) If the engine is really tired and only gets driven in the summer warm weather you can slip in 20W50 like Valvoline. That will quiet a loose motor down a little.

Don't worry about "hardened valves or using a fuel additive. What they have found is that "normal" driving does not hurt the old engines using no-lead. Running at High RPM .. that's what hurts the valve.
posted:  September 2, 2008
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